We loved the hustle and bustle of the Beyond Women Fest held in June 2022 at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre where we served a very enthusiastic crowd (who were ready to spend)! Customers were happy to learn that Hong Kong’s new active wear label #TAGZERO is an ecologically conscious global brand that promotes physical and mental wellbeing.

The brand’s first collection is made with fabric partly composed of recycled oyster shells and plastic PET bottles; benefits include UPF50+ that blocks the sun’s UV rays, odour control, static control, quick-dry properties, soft and breathable fabric, a durable four-way stretch knit which compresses and lifts, and far-infrared technology that promotes blood circulation.

At the main stage of the Festival, Simon Hui, founder of Mindful Studio HK and a member of TAGZERO ALLIANCE delivered a talk on the topic of mindfulness, followed by a fun session of chair yoga.

The ZERO of #TAGZERO was conceptualized from a circle, a symbol of the “wheel of life” through which we all find our purpose. And regardless of any adversities faced along the journey, we can always begin again.
July 20, 2022 — Simon Hui