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About Us


Tagzero: Redefining Sustainable Fashion with Safety and Style

In 1992, a Hong Kong-based company , Sino Exchange Limited , embarked on a journey to revolutionize the fashion industry. With a deep commitment to sustainability, we established our own fabric mill and garment manufacturing facility. Years of expertise and a passion for eco-conscious practices laid the foundation for our sustainability fashion brand—Tagzero.

In 2023, Tagzero emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a sustainable alternative that doesn't compromise on style or safety. Our brand story is one of innovation, responsibility, and a steadfast dedication to the environment. We believe that fashion should be both beautiful and safe, and our commitment to green fabrics and eco-production methods sets them apart.

At the core of Tagzero's ethos is the use of green fabrics. We are pioneers in promoting the use of Seawool, a groundbreaking material created from recycled plastic bottles and oyster shells. By transforming discarded resources into high-quality textiles, Tagzero not only reduces waste but also contributes to the conservation of our oceans. Seawool represents our innovative spirit and commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

Beyond using green fabrics, Tagzero places great emphasis on safety and compliance. Our garments are meticulously crafted to be free of hazardous substances, ensuring the well-being of both wearers and the environment. We adhere to strict safety standards, meeting ISO and Inditex safety requirements. With Tagzero, you can rest assured that every garment is produced with the utmost care and consideration for your health and the planet.

In our pursuit of sustainability, Tagzero also emphasizes the principles of recycle, reuse, and waste reduction. We employ circular design principles, creating garments that are timeless and durable. By encouraging conscious consumption and reducing the impact of fast fashion, Tagzero aims to reshape the industry and inspire a more responsible approach to fashion.

Tagzero's commitment to sustainability extends throughout our entire supply chain. Our prioritize responsible sourcing of materials and partner with local artisans and skilled craftsmen who share our vision. Each garment is crafted with precision and care, reflecting our dedication to quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

Join Tagzero on our journey towards a greener, safer, and more stylish world. By choosing our sustainable fashion, you become part of a movement that values the environment and your well-being. Together, let's redefine the fashion industry and create a brighter future for generations to come.