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Caring for the planet is at the heart of our mission.
Discover how we do it.

Responsible Packaging

Besides using the upcycling material for our product. We specspecifically choosing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) verified and eco-friendly and responsible paper.

FSC standard ensures landowners and wood products manufacturers useresponsible forestry practices that:
Protect water quality
Avoid the use of highly hazardous chemicals
Protect valuable woodlands
Protect the rights of indigenous people and local communities
Prevent the loss of natural forest cover
Limit clear cutting
Protect forest ecology and wildlife habitats
Support democratic and transparent governance


We design, manufacture, market and sell affordable comfortable and sustainable active wear made with high-tech material.

The launch collection is made with recycled and upcylced materials composed of oyster shells and plastic bottles.


We embrace social, environmental, and economic health in every part of our organization. We intend to operate within nature’s boundaries and provide for human needs—creating opportunities for people to lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

We want to be a model for community-led sustainability by inspiring and engaging leaders to imagine and shine. We also communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and integrity.

To promote corporate sociable responsibility and the spirit of generosity, we also organize fund-raising and charitable events to benefit the planet and its inhabitants, serving underprivileged communities in need.